Everything you do as a communications team or professional needs to be directly linked to what the organisation is trying to achieve. It's therefore vital to measure the effectiveness of your communications in order to continually reach or exceed the overall objectives of the business.

Transforming the business value of internal communications through better measurement

Learn how measurement can enable you to prove the value, reach and impact of your communications.


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The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Internal Communications

Prove the value of your IC activity with this expert and easy-to-follow advice

Most internal communicators consider measurement to be extremely important but over half admit it’s the activity they spend least time doing. And two out of three find it difficult to measure.

That’s why we’ve created this essential three-partguide by Angela Sinickas, the world-renowned authority on measurement of organizational communication. It’s full of really practical and accessible advice that is very easily implemented.


Part 1 focusses on:

  • Easy to measure observational metrics
  • Content volume generation
  • How it matches organizational goals
  • Content consumption and readabilty testing
  • How to measure most used channels


Download it here


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