Channel selection

Channel selection

Internal communication channels should be selected based on the purpose of your communication and your understanding of the audience. It will also help to consider what information is best communicated through different channels and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Choosing the Right Communication Channel

The full and original article was published on CEB


If you want to select the most appropriate communication channel – that is, the most effective one to promote and encourage a specific behavior or outcome – this four-step process can help.

  • Step 1: Add channels into the mix as necessary, to reach specific audiences
    Think about which non-traditional channels are best for different employee audiences, such as remote employees.
  • Step 2: Add and use different channels more frequently as they become more popular
    Do your research on current stakeholder behaviors in new channels, such as social media — i.e., what channels they use and which are influential.
  • Step 3: Experiment with new channels to determine their effectiveness before starting to use them frequently
    Measure the use of these new channels as you experiment with them.
  • Step 4: Evaluate your channel options and select the channel mix that is most appropriate for your objective and target audience
    Use the channel selection guide in chart 1 to identify which channels are best suited for your communication objectives.

Credit: The full and original article was published on CEB

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Credit: All Things IC: Choose your weapon: how to select the right channel

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