Online presentation that employees can dial in to and view people presenting with PowerPoint slides or simply talking. Some providers have question and answer facilities for live-chats and to ask questions of the speaker.

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8 Reasons Why Webinars are So Powerful

The full and original article was published on Ready Talk

  1. The intimidation of trying something new is greatly reduced when they are given the opportunity to walk through a trial run with an expert, without fear of making a costly mistake.
  2. People are heavily influenced by their peers’ reactions. People often feel more comfortable interacting virtually, rather than having a hundred people stare at them as they raise their hand.
  3. Webinars’ ease of use and affordability mean you can conduct shorter, more frequent training sessions that help keep everyone focused.
  4. Word of mouth is an extremely effective way to create buzz around a new program or system. A webinar is a great way to spread word of mouth.
  5. Webinars let you create informative communication pieces that are specifically geared to particular departments, and let you educate specific audiences.
  6. By placing links to recorded webinars on your website, you can train an entire generation of new employees simply by sending them to the links. They can review previously held training sessions as if they were in attendance.
  7. By using webinars, you can reach everyone at your company without having to travel, or making participants travel to you.
  8. Webinars are so cost effective, that you can cut your travel budget substantially, and use the money for other activities.

Credit: The full and original article was published on Ready Talk

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