SharePoint is Microsoft's web-based document management and collaboration tool. The product is highly customisable that can be adapted to an organisations unique needs.

10 Practical Tips to Boost SharePoint User Adoption


We all learn by analyzing mistakes we or others made and when it comes to SharePoint implementations, believe me, I have seen my share. SharePoint User Adoption is one of the most critical aspects of SharePoint success. So I decided to compile a list of tips from my experience with SharePoint & Office 365 roll-outs. These tips are true for any size organization, small or large as well as any type, from nonprofits to commercial ones.

Tips are all of equal importance and are listed in random order. Enjoy!


1. Identify and Involve (power) users and SharePoint advocates

2. Conduct Training (lots of it).

3. Implement SharePoint in phases

4. Get organizational/senior leadership buy in.

5. Do the Demo first.

6. Use email/social media to get the point across, communicate often.

7. Build SIMPLE and AWESOME sites! Simplicity is key.

8. Build easy feedback mechanism…in SharePoint.

9. Make it cool for them.

10. Monitor regularly – stay in touch with users.

Credit: Sharepoint Maven: 10 Practical Tips to Boost SharePoint User Adoption

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