Roadshows provide an opportunity for key people to reach mass audiences face-to-face. Good for building team spirit and motivating employees around a particular subject. Can include Q&A sessions, break out groups and actively involve individuals.

Hitting the road and meeting potential and existing customers is a sure-fire way to raise profile and get connected.

Here are three top tips to ensuring yours is a success (with or without a bus)

1. Add value

Ask yourself why will your audience take the time and make the effort to come? Offer value in the form of advice sessions, talks, networking opportunities.

2. Collaborate

Planning events in multiple locations can be challenging, especially if it’s not your immediate locality. Collaborating with local enterprise agencies, universities or colleges and local businesses is a great way to promote your event to the local community. They can also support with venues and supplies as they will know the area.

3. Offer convenience

Roadshows naturally offer convenience to the audience by coming close to them. Hold events at a suitable time for your target audience – you wouldn’t want to get there and no-one show due to clashing with another local event or occasion.

Credit: The full and original article was published on Enterprise Nation

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