A method of engaging with an audience (particularly remote workers without access to digital platforms) that can create a sense of permanence. A way to share information that is not seen as time-critical or will date quickly.

What role should the internal magazine now be playing?

The full and original article was published on Rima


Obviously, like all internal communications, the role of the employee magazine is to build employee engagement. It’s a great channel to use to showcase and highlight company culture, values, vision and leadership. And this can be achieved in such ways as:

  • Employees want to know more than just the name and title of senior leaders. Employee magazines should run features that allow employees to feel a stronger connection with those in leadership.
  • Employees need to see the company values and culture in action in order to truly believe in them.  Show real world examples of employees using the values.
  • The magazine should also demonstrate the role individual employees are playing in helping the company achieve it’s vision.
  • By focussing on individual roles, it will also help employees understand the many different jobs and functions within the business and how each work together.
  • Finally, although companies are on this path of connectedness, there will always be a number of non-desk workers who are not as well connected to the organisation, as they should be. These workers still need to feel part of the organisation so that they are engaged and perform well. And so a printed employee magazine remains an effective channel to use in order to communicate with them.

It’s an obvious point to make, but remember it is an ‘EMPLOYEE MAGAZINE’, so at all times the magazine should be offering value to the reader, and that reader is the EMPLOYEE.

Credit: The full and original article was published on Rima

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