Marketing department

Marketing department

The Internal Comms department and the Marketing department often have a extensive overlap to the extent that some argue they should be one and the same. Regardless, Internal Comms can be enhanced through the collaboration of the two departments

Internal Comms & External Marketing – The PerfectPartnership?


An internal comms function needs an eye on all corners of an organisation. When internal comms and external marketing conspire, they’re a remarkably powerful pair. Sadly, all too often, they’re like estranged family members, sharing the occasional conversation at milestone moments. Why is this? Too busy? Too many conflicting priorities?


It’s frustrating when opportunities are missed to create something special inside the business and connect the dots with customers and consumers. Whether it’s a permanent arrangement or a close working relationship cultivated over time, when IC maintains strong and consistent communications with marketing, a powerful partnership can be formed. But it’s not always a bed of roses…


What are the challenges around connecting external marketing and internal comms?

  • The external campaign will inevitably be signed off last minute so it’s difficult to share specifics internally until it’s very close to the campaign going live.
  • Marketing has its own unique focus and it’s easy to overlook the internal implications and time needed to engage employees.
  • From a comms perspective there’s already a lot to consider, how does this fit with other comms priorities and activity?


A few tips:

  • Build relationships across the functions so you’re involved as early as possible. You’re likely to be doing this already when time allows, but keep cultivating those connections with your internal customers.
  • Be focused. Be clear about who the campaign affects most and concentrate on them. It’s easy to be drawn into a ‘this affects the entire organisation’ conversation.
  • Early warnings for employees. Share the news that a campaign is being developed and the general concept behind it. Let employees know that more detail will be given and an idea of when that will happen.
  • Plan team briefings with employees for when the campaign goes live externally. Explain why the campaign is running and what is expected of employees. Give background to why the approach has been taken. Gather their feedback and input on how they feel they can support it.
  • Reinforce the behaviours needed to live up to the campaign’s core messages. Bring these to life with scenarios and training if required.
  • Reinterpret the campaign internally. Don’t just roll out a few posters of the external campaign and expect it to work. Capture the essence and spirit and make it relevant internally.
  • Seize the moment. These situations are opportunities to demonstrate how comms can add value. If marketing need convincing, now is a good opportunity. Build on what they have created and use their campaign assets. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

Implement these actions and the benefits could be significant.

Credit: The full and original article was published on Alive With Ideas

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