Every organisation will have leaders within different functions who aren’t necessarily at senior level but are passionate voices who command influence and respect from others. Colleagues appreciate their opinion and view, regardless of job title and at times, will act upon their direction.

Credit: How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

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Credit: Everyday leadership | Drew Dudley

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6 Communication Skills That Will Make You a Better Leader

Commit to practicing these strategies for life. The more you do, the more you will benefit.


Whether you manage employees, coordinate a team of volunteers, serve on a board or are in charge of juggling your family’s schedule every day, your leadership skills hinge on your ability to communicate effectively with others. Here are six communication skills that will make you a better leader, improve your relationships with other people and boost your team’s (or family’s) productivity and morale.
1. Know yourself.
2. Know your audience.
3. Be direct, specific and clear.
4. Pay attention to nonverbal communication.
5. Listen more than you speak.
6. Be positive and respectful.

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