Specialised functional areas within the organisation which will have their own processes, management and chain of command. Certain communications may span all of these departments or a specific number of functions may be relevant.

What is Cross Functional Collaboration?

The full and original article was published by KaiNexus

Cross functional collaboration is a group of people with different functional expertise coming together to work toward a common goal. In many cases, the team is simply a group of people from the different departments across a business working on solving a specific problem. A team of this composition has the potential to implement significant improvements throughout the organization, and thus is a powerful tool in a culture of continuous improvement.

This type of diversity allows organizations to:

  1. Create a culture of continuous improvement in which employees take ownership of problems and work together to bring about solutions
  2. Increase teamwork, leading to greater levels of commitment to continuous improvement from everyone
  3. Improve communication between diverse, dispersed groups of people
  4. Increase the chance that positive change sticks

The full and original article was published by KaiNexus

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