Digital newsletter

Digital newsletter

Designed for keeping employees up-to-date with news and information, an ‘e-newsletter’ is typically delivered regularly, via e-mail or through an internal online portal. Since the e-newsletter is delivered in an electronic format, it offers the capability of remote access for employees and can be amended/completed at short notice.

Stand out in the inbox with outstanding internal newsletter design

The full and original article was published on Poppulo


Highly effective internal newsletter templates must:

  • Align to your corporate branding
  • Display  well on any device
  • Be easy to navigate and scan
  • Be consistent in tone, look and feel
  • Display a hierarchy of content
  • Meet your needs, send the right message and speak to your employees.

It is important to get your message across to employees in a timely manner. Not only is the send date important but also how you structure your content. If you have a lot of content, a table of contents and side panel are useful for ease of navigation. Section titles create hierarchy and group relevant articles making it easier for your subscribers to scan and view.


Credit: The full and original article was published on Poppulo

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