Digital communication

Digital communication

Communications created on platforms such as intranet, ESN, digital signage and in different media, such as, video, audio, text, or animation.

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Read the full article on the Recode website by Bob O’Donnell

Most U.S. workplaces still use ‘old-school’ tech like email and phone calls to communicate.

Old habits die hard.

Despite the appearance of modern communications and collaboration tools, “old-school” methods of emails, phone calls and texts still make up 75 percent of all communications with co-workers.


We’ve all seen the images: Happy young employees, working productively in open-air workspaces, easily collaborating with co-workers and outside colleagues all over the world, utilizing persistent chat tools like Slack to keep on top of all their latest projects and other efforts. It sounds great, and in a few places in Silicon Valley, things do work that way — at least in theory.

But at most companies in the U.S. (and likely the rest of the world) — well, not so much. It’s not that companies aren’t looking at or starting to use some of these new communication and collaboration technologies. Some are, but the deployment levels are low at less than 30 percent overall; plus, employee habits haven’t really changed in many places.

Such are the results from the latest study on workplace trends completed by Technalysis Research. The study is based on a survey of 1,001 U.S.-based working adults aged 18-74 at medium (100-999 employees) and large (1,000+ employees) companies across a range of industries. The survey goal was to understand how the modern workplace is evolving in terms of how and where people work, as well as the hardware, software, services and capabilities that employees expect from their employers.



Credit: Recode: Most U.S. workplaces still use ‘old-school’ tech

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