Copywriting and content

Copywriting and content

Clear, engaging communications keep employees informed and help to make them feel valued and appreciated.

That’s why it’s essential that internal communication, in whatever form it takes, be it visuals and graphics, animations, blog posts, newsletters or intranet content are created with care, using appropriate tone, personality and authenticity.

The Rise of Wonky Comms


For years internal communicators have been fastidious about creating perfectly honed pieces of writing, polished videos and edited prose.

However, the rise of two-way communication means everyone is now a communicator. I’ve written many times about how we are moving from one-way, to two-way to facilitation of communication.


That is the future. It’s here to stay and we need to get used to it.


What does this means for organisational communication?

In short, it’s real.

Gone are the ghostwritten CEO memos. Your senior leaders can start a conversation on Yammer. By themselves.

It may not always be on message, it may not always use the correct house style or mention all the things it should. Call it wonky comms if you will.

But, it’s authentic, it’s credible and is to be encouraged.




Credit: All Things IC: The Rise of Wonky Comms

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Credit: Infographic: 7 easy ways to sharpen your comms copy

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