Chief Executive Officer. As the most senior individual within an organisation, the CEO plays a vital role in communication. Great communication ‘from the top’ is crucial and an internal communicator plays a vital role in supporting the CEO, acting as their trusted advisor, managing their reputation, coaching and training them, establishing a rhythm to their communications and knowing which key messages should come directly from him/her in order to make the necessary impact. See also C-Suite.

4 Ways CEO’s Accidentally Mess Up Company Culture

The full and original article was published on Fast Company


It’s no secret that CEOs have a massive impact on company culture. They set a tone to reflect the values and convictions of the organizations they lead. But sometimes CEOs take that impulse too far and wind up unintentionally throwing their companies’ culture off kilter. Here are the four most common ways that can happen.

  1. They micromanage
    Often without meaning to, some CEOs turn to micromanaging their employees, making managers’ working lives a nightmare. There comes a time when CEOs have to trust their teams to do tasks the right way—and to give them space to breathe.
  2. They’re inconsistent
    CEOs often see their companies change rapidly and seldom intend to be so inconsistent, but it’s a culture killer nonetheless. They have to be able to communicate clearly with their team in order for everyone to stay on the same page.
  3. They outsource too much
    Establishing a strong team is crucial to the efficiency and growth of any business, and outsourcing too much makes it difficult to create that team and keep it intact.
  4. They don’t embrace newer employees
    A good team is essentially a family that creates an amazing culture where everyone’s skills are valued and put to optimal use. Sometimes CEOs unwittingly create an in-group and an out-group, and newcomers can feel excluded right at the time they most want to make their mark.

The full and original article was published on Fast Company

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Credit: The Cooper Review: Toddler vs CEO

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