Running a campaign can be an effective way to engage and communicate with an audience. It is important to fully understand your message and goals to help identify the best course of action in order to achieve it.

George Aitken, Head of Comms at Vodafone UK, talks about one of the biggest problems that companies have nowadays; how to make internal communications efficient?

Credit: George Aitken: How Vodafone transformed their internal communications

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Credit: Email Monks: Re:engagement emails, The divine jackfruit that brings life to the dead email list

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Internal communications: the key to a successful campaign

1. Invest

Allocate budget to pay for associated costs and ensure that internal communications is part of someone with relevant skills and experience to manage the internal communications’ role.

2. Build shared responsibility

Create an environment where everyone helps facilitate the flow of information and resources.

3. Have a primary contact point

To help resolve issues quickly consider appointing a contact person who has oversight of the whole campaign and is available to answer any member queries.

4. Use multiple channels

Think about your audience, what you need to communicate and then pick the best channel.

5. Be accessible

Have an easy-to-access online platform where all core campaign materials and resources are stored. Tools like Basecamp and Google Plus allow you to create different groups and projects to control content access.

6. Measure

Monitor and measure your internal communications in the same way as you would your external communications.

7. Be relevant, timely and interesting

Communication plans rely on an engaged audience. Being relevant, timely and interesting can help. Remind people about the shared vision you’re working towards and celebrate any progress that is made on the way.

Credit: Bond: Internal communications: the key to a successful campaign

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