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5 reasons why your company should run an internal blog

The full and original article was published on Blogin

If you are working in a team or leading a team, there is a good chance you regularly have one of these questions on your mind (or at least, you should):

  • How can we share information between team members in an easier and more efficient way?
  • How can you encourage team members to share their knowledge and expertise in a way that invites collaboration yet doesn’t disrupt the workflow?
  • How can we speed up internal communication and boost collaborationon a daily basis?

There is one simple answer to all these questions: An internal company blog.

An internal blog can fill those blind spots in internal company communication that hamper your team’s productivity on a daily basis and hurt your business in the long run.

1) Email is ineffective for most internal communication
If your existing e-mail system makes it nearly impossible to find what you need or effectively manage documents and information flow, you and your team might be ready for an internal blogging platform.
2) Create searchable, permanent archive of company knowledge
All internal knowledge published on an internal blog stays there permanently, and long after former employees have left the building. Any employee who has a question can search the internal blog archive for an answer.
3) Keep all team members up-to-date, all the time
Obviously, there is a lot of value in keeping all team members up to date on ongoing projects and topics, but it’s not an easy task to accomplish in practice. It’s just easier to keep all information about one subject in one place, available to anyone at a time when they are ready.
4) Promote open discussion and collaboration
A single blog post can easily turn into an active discussion around a topic. This helps you gauge where your team members stand on certain issues, as many people may be more likely to speak up virtually than face-to-face.
5) Sharing is a way of learning
Sharing information with others is a way of learning, and sharing in written form, in particular, helps people build up expertise on the subject. Blogging internally in your company is a great way to clarify your knowledge and expertise in a way that helps you understand it better.

Credit: The full and original article was published on Blogin

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